Clifford PA near Elk Mountain, Susquehanna County, Northeast, PA
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Cider Mill Project Yarns Cider Mill was operated for more than seventy years, first by Perry Yarns and later by his son William. Local farmers loaded their wagons with apples each fall and transported them to the closest cider mill to have them pressed to make cider and vinegar. The D&H Railroad at Carbondale and other area businesses also brought large quantities of apples to have cider made for their employees.
Cider Mill Project Renovation work on the mill began fall of 2012 with the labor of six volunteers and three days of donated backhoe work by Ray Swingle. Trees and brush were removed from around the building, drainage ditches were installed, the parking lot leveled and a temporary driveway of crushed stone was laid.
Cider Mill Project Kevin Cobb, house jacker contractor, then installed two 28-foot I beams which were jacked and cribbed to straighten the structure and lift the press equipment back into its original position.
Hoover One-Room School Open House - 3rd Sunday each month, May thru October - 1 to 4 pm
Hoover School
Visit the renovated Hoover School, a one-room schoolhouse with many of the items that were found in a typical school of a hundred years ago, including wooden desks, pot-bellied stove, drinking water bucket, vintage textbooks, plus the original blackboard made from wooden planks painted black. Also on display are a collection of school souvenir booklets, old photos and other artifacts donated and acquired relating to early schools of Clifford Township and surrounding areas. The school is located on SR 2014 between Dundaff and Rt. 106 in Clifford Township. For more information, contact Pat at or at 570-679-2870. Admission is free. Handicapped accessible.
Dugout Canoe and Mural Display Open House - 3rd Sunday year round - 1-4 pm
Dugout Canoe
On display in the Museum of Local History in Clifford is a dugout canoe which was found in a local pond and donated to the Clifford Historical Society. Local artist Michelle Jaconia McLain completed a 20-foot mural depicting the activity that may have surrounded the making and using of this Native American dugout canoe which has been dated to 1692. This first-class display is located in the Clifford Township municipal building across from the Willow View Cemetery. For more information, contact Sandy at 570-679-2723 or Pat at 570-679-2870. Exhibit is admission free and handicapped accessible.
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